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UPCO's Physial Setting - PHYSICS

UPCO's Physial Setting - PHYSICS

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Product Code: UPCO-006-IND

ISBN: 978-0-93732322-9

Author: Kristofer M. Gigante

UPCO’s Physical Setting - PHYSICS is broken into four main parts, which cover all of the basics for a high school course in Physics.
Part I: Mechanics includes the mathematics of Physics, the study of motion - kinematics, the study of the causes of motion - dynamics and forces, two dimensional motion, momentum, and the study of mechanical energy.
Part II: Waves, Sound, and Light will explore the properties of mechanical waves, the study of sound, and light behavior. Reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference of light waves is also discussed.
Part III: Electricity and Magnetism covers static electricity, electric fields, current electricity, and electromagnetism.
Part IV: Modern and Subatomic Physics introduces the reader to the world on a subatomic scale. This section includes the structure of the atom and its particles, development of the atomic model, quantum theory, and nuclear physics.
Wherever possible, there are connections to measurements made in a typical laboratory experiment, connections to the everyday world around us, and the notable scientists that have helped get us to the level of understanding we have today in Physics.
Finally, there are selected review questions embedded throughout the book for practice, a glossary of important terms, and practice Regents Exams in Physics so that the student can be well-prepared for the Physical Setting / Physics Regents Examination.

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