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Earth Science - A Comprehensive Study Earth Science - A Comprehensive Study

ISBN: 978-0-692-76733-7

Authors: Peggy Lomaga, Amy Schneider

EduTech’s newest release, Earth Science - A Comprehensive Study, focuses on the core curriculum concepts of the New York State Physical Setting: Earth Science. Topics in astronomy, meteorology, and geology and related Earth Science skills are addressed in this book.

This book was written by two experienced Earth Science teachers who were always searching for a concise but thorough study guide to prepare their students for success in the course and on the state exam. Thus they began to develop their idea to satisfy the need for a study resource.

The fifteen chapters of this book cover the topics and skills needed for success in Earth Science. Each chapter includes brief descriptions of core concepts followed by practice questions to check for understanding. Each chapter is divided into subtopics followed by short answer questions. These questions are designed to test for understanding of the concepts of Earth Science. At the conclusion of each topic is a review test of multiple choice and free response questions. This book puts in one place a concise summary of key concepts and relevant diagrams as well as sample free response and multiple choice questions.

Also included is a chapter which reviews and offers practice questions for each section of the Earth Science Reference Table (ESRT). The book ends with a review of the scientific inquiry skills pertinent to the Earth Sciences. A glossary, index, two regents exams, and an Earth Science Reference Table are included.

Our Price: $15.95
UPCO's Living Environment - BIOLOGY UPCO's Living Environment - BIOLOGY

ISBN: 978-0-93732320-5

Author: Lorraine Godlewski

UPCO'S Living Environment - BIOLOGY is a complete review of all the key ideas and major understandings as required by the New York State Living Environment Core Curriculum. Also included is any additional information necessary for total comprehension of core curriculum key ideas. This 276-page book is conveniently organized into 8 major units subdivided into 25 chapters. Although this book is directed toward the New York State Living Environment Curriculum it can be used successfully with any school's biology or life science curriculum. Important features are noted below:
  • Each chapter ends with numerous multiple choice, constructed response and reading and interpreting information practice questions structured to resemble regents exam questions, allowing students many opportunities to test their understanding of required concepts.
  • Diagrams and other visuals help the students understand concepts.
  • A complete review of laboratory and technical skills, processes involved in scientific inquiry and methods of representing and analyzing scientific observations is present throughout the book.
  • Words and terms directly related to the core curriculum are highlighted in bold type while other words or terms necessary for the complete comprehension of the core curriculum key ideas are italicized.
  • A comprehensive index and glossary of all important vocabulary terms is located at the end of the book for supplementary review.
  • Sample practice Regents Exams are included at the end of the book to give the student actual test-taking experiences.
  • A time-saving answer key is supplied to the teacher with each order.

Our Price: $29.65
UPCO's Physical Setting - EARTH SCIENCE UPCO's Physical Setting - EARTH SCIENCE

ISBN: 978-0-93732319-9

Author: Dr. Robert Sigda, Ph.D.
UPCO's Physical Setting EARTH SCIENCE is user friendly for both the teacher and the student. Since the content is aligned with the New York State Core Curriculum for Physical Setting/Earth Science, a teacher can feel confident that all the required topics are sufficiently developed.
The suggested outline of units moves from the concrete material to the more abstract subjects such as meteorology and astronomy. Throughout the book there is ample opportunity for review of basic skills and ways to tie in the various units. For example, isolines are discussed early in the year and then revisited later in the weather topics.
The student has the opportunity to use the book as both a textbook, reference and a workbook. The extensive number of constructed response items as well as multiple choice questions found interspersed within the topics give ample practice. The multiple Regents Exams found at the back of the book can be used both at the end of the course for review and whenever appropriate throughout the year.

Our Price: $29.65
UPCO's Physial Setting - PHYSICS UPCO's Physial Setting - PHYSICS

ISBN: 978-0-93732322-9

Author: Kristofer M. Gigante

UPCO’s Physical Setting - PHYSICS is broken into four main parts, which cover all of the basics for a high school course in Physics.
Part I: Mechanics includes the mathematics of Physics, the study of motion - kinematics, the study of the causes of motion - dynamics and forces, two dimensional motion, momentum, and the study of mechanical energy.
Part II: Waves, Sound, and Light will explore the properties of mechanical waves, the study of sound, and light behavior. Reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference of light waves is also discussed.
Part III: Electricity and Magnetism covers static electricity, electric fields, current electricity, and electromagnetism.
Part IV: Modern and Subatomic Physics introduces the reader to the world on a subatomic scale. This section includes the structure of the atom and its particles, development of the atomic model, quantum theory, and nuclear physics.
Wherever possible, there are connections to measurements made in a typical laboratory experiment, connections to the everyday world around us, and the notable scientists that have helped get us to the level of understanding we have today in Physics.
Finally, there are selected review questions embedded throughout the book for practice, a glossary of important terms, and practice Regents Exams in Physics so that the student can be well-prepared for the Physical Setting / Physics Regents Examination.

Our Price: $29.65
UPCO's Physical Setting - CHEMISTRY UPCO's Physical Setting - CHEMISTRY

ISBN: 978-0-93732321-2

Author: Frederick L. Kirk

UPCO's Physical Setting - CHEMISTRY is compliant with the Physical Setting/Chemistry Core Curriculum.
The topics are written so that they can be used in any order a teacher may deem logical. Each unit has questions of the types contained in the Regents Examinations: Parts A, B, and C - Constructed Response.
There are appendices containing, in addition to the reference tables, a section on the historical development of chemistry, a section on the use of the new chemistry reference tables, and a section on significant figures, exponential notation, graphing and functions, as well as percent error. There are also supplemental constructed response questions and the NYS practice Regents Exams are included.
The book is in an enlarged format with a larger typeface than has been used in the past. All aspects are calculated to facilitate efficient review of the material contained.

Our Price: $29.95