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Teacher/School Information

EduTech provides an additional option for teachers to order their review books. Eliminating the need to collect money from students, we offer an on-line/e-commerce ordering process for UPCO-United Publishing Company and EduTech publications. Our discounted price is passed along to your students because we are able to ship the order in bulk to your attention at school.

We provide the teacher with a unique “school discount code” that is used for a specified period of time. The discount code will be provided once you register through the on-line registration form provided (Teacher Discount Registration Form). Once you receive the discount code, simply provide the code to your students using the “Information Letter to Parents” that can be easily downloaded and copied or emailed to each parent. They can order directly on-line from this website. We accept all major credit cards.

You decide what time period you would like and when you would like to receive shipment. You will receive a list of students who purchased the books along with your complementary teacher copy and answer key.

The discount code will no longer be valid after we close out your bulk order and ship to your school. Any order beyond the two week time period should be directed to the “Individual/Student/Retail tab on the website.